Catara vom Kaiserhaus, dam of the F-litter. 

Catara was bred by Cindy Rhodes. 

Avatar vom Bahnhof 

Catara vom Kaiserhaus

Elka's influence continues on in Bahnhof, Moeller Hof, Haus Gerda, Kollund Kro, and Swift Run Dobermans through Elka's daughters Camilla and Catara. 

Bahnhof Dobermanns: F-Litter

doubled up on Feus von Nymphenburg via Cindy Rhodes' Elka vom Shonenberg. 

Feus was purchased by an Ohio State Trooper, Becky Olsen. I had the privilege to baby sit him for a few months. He was a beautiful dog with a very stable temperament and he did awesome protection work. 

Cindy Rhodes owned, trained and handled Elka vom Shonenberg.

Storm Bergin was instrumental in importing Elka and her litter sister Eva to the US from Germany. 

This litter was bred by Mike Walz. He bred Avatar (who was inbred 2-2 on Feus von Nymphenburg) to Catara vom Kaiserhaus whose grandsire was also Feus von Nymphenburg. Catara was bred by Cindy Rhodes. The puppies were linebred on Feus 3-3 x 3. Mike asked me if he could use my kennel name "Bahnhof" and my F'-litter letter so that he could name a male puppy Feus and a female puppy Farina after the famous Nymphenburg dogs.

I agreed, and thus, my F-litter was bred in 1995, prior to my D & E litters. There were eight puppies in this litter and I was fortunate enough to know five of them: Farina, Faust (AKA "Bart"), Feus, Frisco, and Farina (AKA "Tara"). 

Frisco was purchased by my friend Dianna, who had needed protection from a stalking ex-husband. The two of them would come visit  me often when I lived in Converse TX. When I moved to Missouri, I lost track of them.  

Elka was maternal grand-dam of the F-litter. 

She was owned, trained, and handled by

Cindy Rhodes. 

Faust ("Bart") was purchased by Tom MacLean in Austin, TX.

I was fortunate enough to be procured to teach Bart obedience. He was a quick study.

Farina was purchased by Chris Rasmussen of Moller Hof Dobermans. She was the dam of Chris's early litters, including Arras, who was trained and handled by Chris. Arras was very successful. 

Farina is the great-grand-dam of my G-Litter via Arras.