​Tina with Avasara and Avatar, the "Daring Duo" in Madison, Wisconsin in 1991.

"E" Litter bred by Tina Rendeiro-Mayor (Bloom) in January 2003 in Western PA. 

     Sire: Colman's Calderon vom Bahnhof and Dam: Bianca von Rosenhof.  

"The One and ONLY," Elle   and her sire "Deanno" AKA Colman's Calderon vom Bahnhof in 2003 in rural NW PA. 

"F" Litter bred by Mike Walz June 1995 in Bethlehem, PA.

     Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Catara vom Kaiserhaus.  

"G" Litter bred by Tina Bloom in April 2011 in Western PA.

     Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Swift Run's Yakira vom Bahnhof. 

Bahnhof Dobermanns

The C-Litter , AKA "The Magnificent Seven" in Converse, TX early 1995.

Bismark was the sire of this litter. 

Bahnhof Dobermans Protection Dogs

"B" Litter bred by Christine King in August 1994 in Franklin, PA.

     Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Fancy vom Mutter Haus.

Tina, "Lacey" AKA Colman's Chantilly vom Bahnhof,  & 

"The Dirty Dozen" !!!


D -Litter puppies alive and well near Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. 

"D" Litter bred by Tina Rendeiro (Bloom) in January 1997 near Fort Leonard Wood MO.

     Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Colman's Chantilly vom Bahnhof. 


"C" Litter bred by Tina Rendeiro (Bloom) in December of 1994 in Converse, TX.

     Sire: Bismark von Donautal and Dam: Avasara vom Bahnhof.

"A" Litter bred by Tina Rendeiro (Bloom) in April of 1991 in Madison, WI:

​      Sire: Chico vom Wilminghof and Dam: Deja Vu vom Wilminghof (brother-sister).

Kira, AKA Swift Run's Yakira, with her "Half Dozen": Five girls and a single boy, "Gato" in rural NW PA in 2011.