Bahnhof Dobermanns: Bismark v. Donautal was the sire to our most successful SchH litter, the C-Litter. 

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Storm and Bill's hard work in breeding and promoting working Dobermans lives on is some of today's Dobermanns

such as Bahnhof, Rosenhof, Sturmhunde, Haus Gerda, and Swift Run.

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Donautal Dobermans, bred by Storm and Bill Bergin, was the premier working Doberman kennel during the 1990's, with no other Doberman breeder boasting the percentage of successful Dobermans titled in SchH. More impressively, no other Doberman name approached the number of dogs on National and International podiums: Ajax, Bismark, Barretta, Carlo, Eclipse, and Eick were all nationally or internationally know dogs.