Zorro at approximately  23 months working with

Alex Rothacker of TOPS in Dog Training, Grayslake, IL. .

Zorro, 18 months, working with Paul Anthony of Anthony's Balanced Canine Training in Monaca, PA. 

Zorro at 14 months.

Grown-Up Protection with Dean Calderon.

Zorro does obedience.

Puppy Zorro meets Dean Calderon.

Patriotic Pup "Zorro".

Alex is an internationally known police and trick dog trainer.

Zorro does tracking.

Zorro's new look. 

Zorro's new pack consists of lion hunting dogs with weird ridges down their backs. 

Eight-week old Zorro moves from Texas to a log cabin in the Great White North. 

Don Diego de la Vega vom Sturmhunde AKA  "Zorro".